Appointment with the Perinatologist

This is just a quick update about my appointment with the specialist on Monday. I am relieved and happy to share that there is low risk of placenta accreta! The placenta is higher up so it’s nowhere near the incision from my standard c-section with Archer, and it’s only partially covering the incision from my classical c-section from my delivery with Holdon. It’s technically an anterior placenta, but it’s leaning towards the side a bit so fortunately only a portion of it is covering the classical incision, and the part that is, is not growing into the scarring at this time and doesn’t look like it’s going to over the coming weeks. This is such a relief!! I knew deep down that I would be okay with whatever we found out as long as the delivery would be safe and baby girl would be safe, but now that I have this good news, I have to admit that I really was afraid for the worst and was dreading the prospect of losing my uterus. I knew that if there was any growth into the scarring and/or my uterus, they would not have taken any chances and a hysterectomy would have […]