Blood Work is Good

This is just a quick update to let you all know my blood work all came back today and everything was within the normal range for pregnancy so there’s no evidence of HELLP at this time. Phew! I’m so relieved! Thank you for all your comments and prayers yesterday. I had a crazy day so haven’t had a chance to reply to all of you yet or read any of your posts from today, but I will soon! Lots of love and hugs <3 Here are a few pins about HELLP I found on pinterest the other night when I couldn’t sleep…    

Worrying for Nothing?

I had a bit of a scare the past week, but hopefully everything is okay! Since last Monday, I’ve been feeling some pressure/pain in my upper abdomen on and off. If you’ve read my page about my first pregnancy, you’ll know that pain in my upper abdomen was my first symptom that I was really sick and had HELLP Syndrome. I had never had heartburn before and mistook the symptom for heartburn for almost 2 weeks. It wasn’t until after my emergency c-section that the doctors told me that pain in the upper abdomen is a symptom of HELLP and a sign that my liver was shutting down. So, when I started to feel discomfort in my upper abdomen this week, I kind of started freaking out. My husband suggested we should go to emergency, but it eased and pretty much went away after I laid down. I decided to see how I felt the next day. If it persisted, I would call my doctor, but since it was gone when I woke up, I figured it was just another side effect of the lovely indigestion I’ve been experiencing lately. I felt reassured that it was an isolated incident and […]

20 Weeks! And Letting the World Know, AKA Instagram and Facebook

Before I begin, I wanted to send out a prayer to my RPL/IF sisters who are having a hard week. For those of you who have just learned of a loss, failed cycle or BFN, or are waiting on test results and trying to find answers, my heart goes out to you and I am praying for your hurt to stop and for blessings and joy to come to you soon. A Calm Persistence, Lady Love and Baby Dust, and Spirit Baby Come Home are a few amazing ladies who are especially on my mind today, but my heart reaches out to all of you. Please God, please bring all these amazing ladies their miracles soon. To anyone who just can’t look at pregnancy updates right now, please know I completely understand. I may be expecting now and have gotten good news this week, but I remember the other side of this all too well and don’t ever want to cause any of you pain. So please feel free to sign off here. * * ** WARNING: Baby update to follow * * * * 20 Weeks! We’re 20 weeks today, and have made it to the half way point! […]

Anatomy Scan Results Are In!

The anatomy scan results are in and all is good with baby. Huge sigh of relief!!!  Here’s the message from my doctor: “I just wanted to let you know that I have reviewed the ultrasound report of the baby and everything looks normal and healthy. This is good news. The baby is developing nicely and the cervix and the placenta are normal. Things are moving forward nicely. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.” I thought I was past this, but I started to cry as soon as I read the above message and kept thanking God over and over again. Miracles do happen. They really do. We still have a long way to go, but this is incredible news. Remember when I first posted this? It was in March at the start of the cycle I had right before the cycle when I became pregnant. I just had to re-post this today 🙂

Anatomy Scan Done But No Answers Yet

We had the big anatomy scan today. It went well… I think. This is the first scan we’ve had that wasn’t done by our doctor or at least in the obstetrics department and didn’t get the results right away. Due to the technical nature of all the measurements, it had to be done at radiology on one of their higher quality machines and all the results have to be read by a radiologist for accuracy. This is great, but it meant that we had a technician taking all the measurements and although she was very friendly and sweet, she wasn’t allowed to tell us anything. Not so great. The good news is I didn’t pee my pants. I only had to wait in the waiting room for a few minutes past my appointment time and she took pity on me pretty quickly. She took the critical measurements first that required my bladder to be full for greater visibility like the placenta and spine, and then she let me go pee. The rest of the scan was done with the comfort of an empty bladder 🙂 The entire scan took about 45 minutes so I’m really thankful she didn’t make me […]

Quick Update

This is just a super quick update to let you all know our appointment with Dr. S went well today. Little man was really active and looked great. We’ll know for sure after our anatomy scan, but she said everything on her machine looked just perfect. Those were her exact words “everything looks perfect” 🙂 Phew! Just when I thought I was feeling more relaxed, fear and anxiety reared their ugly heads again last night and prevented me from sleeping a wink. So hearing her say, “he looks perfect” was such a relief. Fingers crossed and lots and lots of prayers that she’s right and all is just perfect at our anatomy scan too. The scan is on Monday afternoon at Radiology. Dr. S said the technician will likely not say too much to us about the results, but that she will get the report within a day or two and that she should have the results for me by Wednesday. So… we shall see. Eek! I’m so nervous. Please, please let everything be okay! Another concern I have, though this is much less important, is with the scan itself. I got a letter in the mail from the Radiology […]

18 Weeks

It’s hard to believe, but I’m 18 weeks pregnant today! It’s even harder to believe I’m only 2 weeks away from reaching the half way point. Where did the time go? With each week that passes, I begin to feel a bit more relaxed with this pregnancy. We’re still 10 weeks away from my big milestone, the 28 week mark so I still have some anxiety, but it’s much better then it was. Reaching 28 weeks is a big milestone for me because I was just shy of 28 weeks when I had to have an emergency c-section with Holdon. At 27 1/2 weeks it all came crashing down. The 28 week point will be the most pregnant I have ever been. Up until now, I hadn’t allowed myself to think that far ahead, but I’m starting to look to it now and have hope that it will be different this time. My SIL and a good friend want to throw me a baby shower on October 18th. I’ll be 29 weeks that day. Both my Mom and my MIL will be visiting along with my SIL at that time, so it’s a really good time to have it. A […]