Everything is Normal

I finally heard from my doctor just now and she said everything is fine. I have been napping on and off all day and kept waking up to check my phone and see if she had emailed me, so I was pretty worked up by the time she finally did. I foolishly was just waiting for her to email me without following up with her and she didn’t realize how worried I was. It wasn’t until I finally emailed her and told her I was worried that she got back to me. Anyway, she was very reassuring that all is good. Apparently, they look at a ratio of all the numbers and she said everything is in the normal range. Phew! Huge sigh of relief! I guess that will teach me to look at my lab results without my doctors interpretation! Now I just need to get over this horrible cold and I’ll hopefully start to feel more like myself again! I’m still not feeling so great today, but glad to know it’s just a cold and my doctor believes the nausea is from everything working it’s way through my system and will hopefully get better soon. Thankfully work isn’t […]

Trying Not to Freak Out

We had an OB appointment today and all is good with baby boy. He’s measuring a whopping 4lbs 8 oz (give or take 11 oz) at just over 30 weeks! Little man is not so little! He’s also moving around constantly and getting pretty squishy in there so it’s hard to get a good image of him these days, but my doctor said this is all very good. It is such a huge relief that he is clearly doing so well, especially since I am not feeling great at all. I’m so relieved he doesn’t seem to be affected by it. That is the most important thing, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling pretty miserable these past few days. Along with a horrible head cold that has kept me up for over a week now and causes some pretty awful ligament pain when the coughing fits get really bad, it seems that nausea has come back in the third trimester. For the past 3 days, I have been really sick and barely able to keep anything down. My doctor said the nausea is probably a reaction to the head cold as it works its way […]

Visitors, Baby Shower and 30 Weeks

This is such a long overdue update, I don’t even know where to begin! Everything is good, I’ve just been so busy with family visiting and work and then on top of it all, I caught a nasty cold from my niece and nephew. It was totally worth it though. I just love them so much and don’t get to see them very often so couldn’t resist cuddling with them. I’m so thankful for their visit and sad they’re gone already. It was the shortest 2 weeks ever! Fortunately, my Mom and MIL are staying on for a bit still. We’re lucky they are able to come and spend time with us. They have been amazing cooking and cleaning for us. It has made it so much easier to just relax in the evenings and not have to worry about a messy house or what to make for dinner. And the added bonus of all the yummy Indian food my MIL has been cooking is my constipation issue which was just being managed before, is completely gone now ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll be sad to see them go next month, but they will both be back in December so it will also […]

Wave of Light on October 15th: International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Tonight I light five candles. One for my son Holdon who was taken from us too soon because of HELLP Syndrome, a variant of preeclampsia, and severe prematurity. The other candles are for my four miscarriages. This is my second year participating in the Wave of Light and I can’t help thinking how different things are today then they were a year ago. In the past year we had a failed IVF and another really early miscarriage and then became blessed with this pregnancy, our miracle baby. As I think about my angels in Heaven, I feel sad for how much I miss them and wish I had had more time with them, but I also feel so much hope and love. I know our guardian angels are watching over me and this pregnancy and over their little brother so he may continue to grow healthy and strong and join us in this world at the end of year. I am also thinking about all the little angels throughout our blogging community and around the world who were taken from their parents too soon and sending love and prayers to them and their families.

28 Weeks!

This is just a super quick update. My SIL is visiting with her 2 kids and I’ve been so busy with them and staying on top of client work so don’t have time to write very much, but just wanted to write a quick update. Also, I have been so bad at commenting on all of your posts this past week too. Please know, I’m still reading them and thinking about all of you! Today, I’m 28 weeks 1 day and as of this past Thursday, I am the most pregnant I have ever been! We want little man to stay put until our c-section at 39 weeks, but what a relief it is to have made it this far and officially be in the third trimester ๐Ÿ™‚ I was feeling a lot of emotion on Thursday, thinking about Holdon and thinking about all the events that led up to his emergency delivery and ultimately why he couldn’t survive, but I have also been feeling peace and hope for this new pregnancy and how different it is going this time. I know Holdon and my other angels are watching over us and I feel so incredibly blessed. Other good news […]

27 Weeks- Flirting with the Third Trimester

Today I’m 27 Weeks 1 Day and according to 3 of my pregnancy books, I am now officially in the third trimester, however other sources say 28 weeks so I guess I’m on the cusp? I’m so confused why the cutoff point for the trimesters isn’t more clear. So I’m just going to go with 27 weeks, but I’m holding off another week before making any real transitions. For example, I have several prenatal workout dvds that I do throughout the week and one of my favorite ones is the Mom’s into Fitness pre and post pregnancy workout dvd set by Lindsay Brin. It has separate workouts for each trimester and a postnatal boot camp dvd to get back into shape after baby is born. I first bought this dvd set in 2011 when we began trying for another baby after we lost Holdon. I think the newer version of this is split into 2 dvds, but my copy has 4. Anyway, the first dvd is designated for pre pregnancy and the first trimester. I did this workout for years hoping I would make it out of the first trimester again one day. Then finally, 3 months ago, I was […]

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Last year I posted this post: October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and I just wanted to share the link again this this year in case some of you are not aware of the significance of October to pregnancy and infant loss awareness. Also, I just wanted to remind everyone that October 15th is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, and that at 7pm across the world, parents will be lighting candles in all time zones in remembrance of their lost angels by participating in the Wave of Light. “A wife who loses a husband is called a widow. A husband who loses a wife is called a widower. A child who loses his parents is called an orphan. There is no word for a parent who loses a child. Thatโ€™s how awful the loss is.” โ€• Jay Neugeboren, An Orphan