July 20th

Dear Holdon, On this day 6 years ago, I held you for the last time. No matter how much time passes, it never gets easier to know I’ll never get to hold you again. Today, I sit here snuggling your little brother and it’s still not easier. I wish so badly you were here to snuggle too. Due to your severe prematurity, you had so many tubes and wires all over you. You even had a tube to breathe for you, and because of that, I was only allowed to hold you five times. Five. What I would give for just one more snuggle… On October 16th, 2009. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. We were so happy and a little scared of what kind of parents we would be. Little did we know then, that our journey into parenthood would take years and those little fears all parents have when they learn they’ll be parents were nothing compared to the fears to come. The pregnancy started off normal and healthy and we sailed through the first trimester without any issues. We made it to 27 weeks and then the pregnancy took a drastic turn. I got […]

myhopejar is moving

This is not the long overdue update I should be posting. Instead it’s just a quick update to let anyone who is still reading this blog that myhopejar.com is moving from wordpress.com to wordpress.org so I can manage and host the blog myself. Why am I making this change? Well there are many of reasons. However, the most practical reason is money. I just purchased a new hosting plan for my company site and have shut it down and am now in the process of rebuilding/redesigning my company site. One of the perks/incentives for moving hosting companies for my company site is I can host as many sites as I want and my new hosting company advertises themselves as the best hosting company for wordpress sites. So it just makes sense to move myhopejar.com too. I can save myself the fee I pay to wordpress.com every year and have full control of my site if I move it to wordpress.org and host it myself. The other reason, is this move is forcing me to stop avoiding my blog because I’m so embarrassed I haven’t written in so long and finally write something! The timing is also perfect because it’s my […]