A Quick Getaway

Thank you everyone for all your love, thoughts and prayers this past weekend. I was overwhelmed with emotion reading all your comments on here yesterday, as well as all the comments I received on Facebook. One of my biggest fears, as time goes on, is that Holdon will be forgotten. However, I see now how impossible that is. We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives who love us and love Holdon, and I just know he was looking down at all of us and smiling at all the love he was feeling on his special day.

Morro Bay, California

Our weekend plans didn’t go exactly as we envisioned, but it was still very relaxing and good to get away. We had a party to go to on Saturday night, so we planned on leaving early on Sunday morning and getting into Morro Bay early enough to still enjoy the day, stay the night, then spend all day there the next day and drive back on Monday evening. Well, I was in a bit of funk on Saturday night with Holdon’s birthday the next day, and ended up drinking more than I wanted to at the party, and was very sick when I got home. Note to self, emotional drinking is never a good idea! I hadn’t planned on drinking at all and we only stayed for a few hours, but I managed to get so drunk that I was sick all night. I’m certain I only had a few drinks, but they must have been strong or perhaps it’s just my terrible alcohol tolerance these days since I’ve been avoiding it along with caffeine and anything that might not be good for fertility for quite some time now.  At any rate, whatever it was, I was so sick the rest of the night and couldn’t drag myself out of bed until nearly 11:00 am on Sunday!

By the time we got ourselves organized it was almost noon before we left . On top of it all, my husband came down with a terrible cold and was feeling just as awful as I was, though his wasn’t self inflicted! Poor guy. We were a fine pair, both dragging our butts out the door and secretly wanting to just go back to bed, but determined to make Sunday a good day. After stopping for some snacks and fluids for both of us, we finally got on the road around 1pm. The traffic wasn’t too bad since it was Sunday, but we didn’t roll into Morro Bay until 4:30 pm. So much for getting there early! Sigh… oh well. We checked into our hotel and then took a long stroll along the waterfront and finally settled at a small bistro/cafe on the water for some dinner.

MorroBay2View From Dinner


Dinner was lovely. Nothing fancy. Just good food right on the water. It was perfect. We shared some steamed clams and then had giant bowls of soup in bread bowls. Clam chowder for my hubby and Lobster Bisque with prawns for me. It was delicious and exactly what we wanted, and since my stomach had finally calmed down, I was able to keep it down. After dinner, we were both so exhausted so we just went back to our hotel and crashed. Not exactly a romantic getaway by any means, but exactly what we both needed.

MorroBay1Morro Bay Rock, Harbor and Beach


Unfortunately, my poor hubby woke up feeling even worse the next day so we slept in again and then went for an early lunch/brunch on the harbor. It was another very lovely and delicious meal. After that, we strolled around the giant rock that the town is known for and spent some time on the beach and lazed about, but we didn’t linger in town as long as we planned because my husband was feeling worse as the day went on. So we went back to the all the shops along the harbor and bought a birthday present for Holdon.

Every year, we bring back a souvenir for Holdon’s curio cabinet on his birthday. The cabinet holds his urn, scrapbooks and other keepsakes from the NICU and gifts from family and friends and his birthday presents/souvenirs. We walked into the first shop and were both immediately drawn to these beautiful handmade sandcastles.

Sand CastleHoldon’s birthday present


Lastly, we got a pound of saltwater taffy because I can’t resist it, and then decided to head back and were home and settled by 7 pm.

So all in all, it was a very uneventful getaway and seemed like a lot of driving for such a short trip, but it was really very beautiful there and a great place to escape to on Holdon’s birthday. I know he was with us and feeling all the love that surrounded him on Sunday.

12 thoughts on “A Quick Getaway

  1. I’m glad you were still able to get away- so sorry you both weren’t feeling too well. Beautiful pictures and what a perfect birthday present to him- I’m so glad you were feeling love sweet friend!

    1. Thanks hon. My poor husband is still not feeling great, but we’re doing okay. We survived the weekend thanks to all the love and support we received. We truly feel blessed. Thank you!

  2. I’m so happy that you had such a lovely trip, but sorry that it didn’t turn out quite as you expected with you both feeling so poorly. I do think the relaxing was good for you both, though. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I love, love, love that beautiful sandcastle. What a lovely way to remember your sweet Holdon. Thinking of you today!! **HUGS**

    1. Thanks hon. I was feeling pretty foolish for drinking on Saturday and adding to my misery on Sunday. And my poor husband is still not feeling great, but yes, we’re so happy we got away. Thank you for your love and support hon. It means so much!

  3. A few things we have in-common(ish): Your weekend getaway reminds me of the getaway we took to Newport Beach (except we weren’t sick)–eating in little cafes on the water and meandering around. Also, on special occasions like these I like to buy children’s books, which is in remembrance of our angels and in hope of our rainbow (I like your sand castle for Holdon). And then this last getaway, Mr. MLACS came home with the flu, and I thought “At least we have 2 weeks to have fun together” but then I was on AF (which slows me down a bit) and weather was bad, and now I have the flu! So these past 2 weeks have flown by and we’ve done very little of what I’d planned. Life…is like a box ‘o chocolates, eh? And yeah, you read about the hangover I had a couple weeks ago (emotional drinking) so I fully empathize with you. I have not had a drink since–the pain is still fresh. Much love! XOXO

    1. I know what you mean! I only had a few drinks, but it made me feel so awful, I’m going to be avoiding it for a long time! Sorry you’re sick! I hope you feel better soon! I’ve managed to stay healthy so far, but my hubby is still sick. It’s being putting a kink in our sexy time. Hoping he get’s better soon so we can have a chance this cycle. Sorry your time with the hubby didn’t go according to plan. I hope you can make up for it this weekend at the wedding. Much love back!

      P.s. I love that you like to buy children’s books for your angels! How special they will be to share with your rainbow baby one day – hopefully soon! 🙂

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