Myhopejar Moved and Updates

This is a quick test. I’m not sure if this is going to work so for all the WP .com readers, if you see this, can you comment and let me know?

At the end of the summer I moved to a self hosted site from WP .com to WP .org. I since then have posted a few updates, but it seems that my posts no longer show up in the WordPress reader feed. I discovered this through communication that I have had with some of you through Facebook and Instagram, but there are some of you who I don’t have contact with that way and I’m hoping to reconnect with.

Then I realized I still have a .com account and it seems that I can post from it so I’m hoping that this will publish from and not from my self hosted domain and that this will show up on your WordPress reader feed. If it does, can you please click like or comment and let me know and then if you still want to read posts from, can you please go to the the link and resubscribe to my blog via email?

This seems to the best way to ensure my posts are being seen.The domain is the same:

To see my latest post, click here.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks! xo


6 thoughts on “Myhopejar Moved and Updates

        1. Interesting. Thanks for letting me know! At least you’re seeing my posts now. That’s a big improvement! 😊

    1. Hi! Oh good! So strange. The last time I posted, no one saw it and then I announced my pregnancy on Instagram and people went to look and they said they never saw the blog update! Must have just been a glitch!

      Been keeping up with your updates and have had mixed emotions for you. I was so sorry to hear about your grandma but then so relieved to see your latest update about your babies. I loved the ultrasound and bump pics so much!! Continuing to pray for you guys! ❤

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