After my second miscarriage, I decided to see an acupuncturist for a while and she recommended some diet changes that I think are beneficial to regulating hormones. Having said that, I think it’s important to note, that with everything there should be balance and the cycles I became pregnant with my successful pregnancies, I was eating well and following this as a guideline but I was also indulging in the little things I love too.

Here are the recommendations she made. They have made a huge difference in both my health and my husband’s health. When we’re eating like this we both feel a lot better.

Foods to avoid or decrease as much as possible: Foods to increase or add to your diet:
Processed foods, high in sugar, salt and saturated/transfats and chemicals.

Fried food and processed snacks.

Animal products that are not organic, or animals that are fed hormones or antibiotics.

Artificial sweeteners and any fake sugars, whether synthetic of natural.

Soy: Processed soy products such as Soy Milk and Tofu have overly-estrogenic side effects. Tempeh, miso soup and edemame are ok.

Caffeine: Coffee, Black Tea, Decaf Coffee or Tea. High quality organic, soy-free Chocolate is ok in moderate amounts.

Dairy: Avoid large amounts of processed dairy products, especially low fat or fat free dairy. According to the Harvard’s Nurses Study, which tracked 2,000 women trying to conceive and followed them through pregnancy outcome, full fat, unprocessed dairy products in moderation are better for women trying to conceive.

Wheat: Avoid regular consumption or large amounts of wheat or gluten.

Sugar: pastries, cakes, candy, cookies, sweet drinks and soda, canned foods with hidden sugar and restaurant food with sweet glazes, dressings and sauces.

Smoking and alcohol should be completely avoided when trying to conceive. If one must have a drink, moderation is key and limiting alcoholic beverages to fermented choices such as wine is a better choice.

Lots of clean water in non-plastic containers or BPA-free plastic.

Whole natural and organic foods.

Small amounts of organic, grass-fed animal products that are organic and antibiotic and hormone free.

Small amounts of organic, full fat dairy. Goat cheese is often easier to digest. Small amounts of plain yogurt is beneficial for probiotics and fermented cultures. Yogurt with fruit or flavoring loses many of its beneficial properties. Adding fresh fruit immediately prior to serving is ok.

Seeds and nuts, especially raw

Dark leafy greens: swiss chard, spinach, kale, collard, beet greens etc. Dark leafy greens help alkalize, mineralize, calm, purify and aid in creating a healthy uterine lining. Greens both cooked and raw are also inti-inflammatory. Greens also help ground people, help with insomnia, clear constipation and clear skin, helping people feel better and more balanced on and emotional and energetic level.

Lots of veggies and fruits and berries! All organic.

Good and high quality protein: Avacado, olives of all colors, nuts, wild caught fish and organic, grass-fed animal protein.

Eggs: organic, hormone-free, cage-free and free range eggs. Fish eggs, quail eggs are also great for pre-conception care.

Fish and Seafood: oysters, fish eggs, salmon, halibut, trout, sardines, anchovies and any other small fish. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, anything from the sea is considered a “Kidney Tonic”. The Kidney system in TCM govern reproduction. Kidney tonics help replenish the adrenals, sex/steroidal hormones and reproductive system. Avoid larger fish such as Tuna which may have large amounts of mercury and eat wild caught when possible as farm raised fish has antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and pesticides.


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